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50% OFF - Publisher's Picks | Akizo Designs | Digital Scrapbooking

Hi there! It’s Publisher’s Picks Today!
I choose my oldie products that Paper Play 19 | Templates with a fantastic 50% OFF sale that runs for 3 DAYS ONLY, from Tuesday through Thursday 🙂

こんにちは。The Digital Pressでは毎週「Publisher’s Picks」というセールを行っていて、セレクトアイテムが50% OFFで販売されます。今週は、Paper Play 19 | Templates がセール中です。火水木の3日間(日本時間の金曜13時頃まで)ですので、どうぞお見逃しなく 🙂

Paper Play 19 | Templates – 50% OFF

Paper Play 19 | Templates by Akizo Designs | Digital Scrapbooking

Paper Play 19 | Templates is a fun design template pack with a focus on paper. Experiment and find nice patterns and plain paper combinations. By changing the color of the roughly drawn lines, the layout becomes more attractive. Try hiding it if you think it’s in the way. Enjoy trial and error 🙂

Paper Play 19 | Templates は、ペーパーにに焦点を当てた楽しいデザインのテンプレートです。いろいろ試して素敵なパターンや無地のペーパーの組み合わせを探してみてください。ラフに描いた線の色を変えることで、レイアウトが引き締まりますよ。邪魔だと思ったら非表示にするもアリです。試行錯誤を楽しんでくださいね 🙂


Layout Sample of Paper Play 19 | Templates
Layout Sample of Paper Play 19 | Templates
Layout Sample of Paper Play 19 | Templates

You can see more samples at Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Please upload your layouts also!


Thank you for reading and have a happy scrapping!

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