Freebie フリー素材 “Is This Destiny?”

Is This Destiny? Elements by Akizo Designs

Is This Destiny? Papers by Akizo Designs

Hi, there! Today, I made freebie kit for you! The theme of this kit is “chance meeting” “encounter” someone or something. I want you to enjoy “chance meeting” in your everyday life and feel happy. I believe you will like this kit 🙂

 久々にデジタルスクラップブッキング無料素材キットを作成しましたー!今回のテーマは「出会い」です。人でも、動物でも、何か雑貨や身に着けるもの何でも、お気に入りに出会えたら嬉しいですよね。出会いは日常にあって、特別なような特別でないような、偶然なのかはたまた必然なのか。そういう日常の小さな出会いを楽しんでいこうという気持ちで制作しました 🙂

Please Read before DOWNLOAD the freebie.

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Template by Akizo Designs

Crazy Squares 01 Templates by Akizo Designs

300 ppi / 12 inch
Personal Use Only / No CU / No S4H
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Have a happy scrappin!
Enjoy デジタルスクラップブッキング!

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  1. I don’t seem to be able to download the papers. The download link takes me to another page that has no links and does not start any download. The papers look beautiful and the elements are wonderful, so I was really looking forward to getting the papers.

      1. That link worked just fine. The papers are beautiful!! Thank you. I just found the download link – I was doing this when I while suffering the effects of the flu, so it was my problem. Thank you for helping me out.

  2. Hi^^,Your design is very good.Thank you very much.
    Download texture. Maybe I will probably use them later.

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