Freebie フリー素材 “Baking Paper Alpha”

Baking Paper Alpha

I made a freebie alphabet that were made from Baking Paper in my kitchen 🙂 I made this set to coordinate with the Sakura 2012 freebie but these are versatile, so they could be used with any page. Hope you enjoy scrapping!

 Sakura2012キットSakura2012キットに合わせたアルファベットを作りました。クッキングシートを少しドレスアップしたものです :)シンプルな色なので、いろんなキットに合わせやすいと思います!

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Sample Layout 1 credits

Baking Paper Alpha Close Up

Baking Paper Alpha - Sample 1

1 complete upper and lowercase Alphas including Numbers and some Punctuations (saved as individual PNG files)


You can find my any other freebies.
Have a happy scrapping!
Enjoy デジタルスクラップブッキング!

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