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50% OFF - Publisher's Picks | Akizo Designs | Digital Scrapbooking

Hi there! It’s Publisher’s Picks Today!
I choose my oldie products that Graduation | Wordbits with a fantastic 50% OFF sale that runs for 3 DAYS ONLY, from Tuesday through Thursday 🙂

こんにちは。The Digital Pressでは毎週「Publisher’s Picks」というセールを行っていて、セレクトアイテムが50% OFFで販売されます。今週は、Graduation | Wordbits がセール中です。火水木の3日間(日本時間の金曜13時頃まで)ですので、どうぞお見逃しなく 🙂

Graduation | Wordbits – 50% OFF

School - Promotion - Graduation | Wordbits by Akizo Designs | Digital Scrapbooking
School - Promotion - Graduation | Wordbits by Akizo Designs | Digital Scrapbooking

Graduation | Wordbits is a School life, Graduation themed Wordbits. The color is easy to match with anything, so please use it in combination with your favorite kit.

Graduation | Wordbits は、学校生活、卒業をテーマに作った Wordbits です。何にでも合わせやすい色なので、手持ちのお好きなキットと組み合わせて使ってくださいね。


Layout Sample of Graduation | Wordbits

MAY 2022 Challenge

Akizo Designs | MAY 2022 Challenge

I am holding the PUN-TASTIC CHALLENGE in The Digital Press forum throughout MAY.

Nowadays, we have a lot of worries, but personally, I want to always smile without forgetting kindness and humor. A smile makes people happy 🙂 At this month’s challege, I would like everyone to smile with “Wordplay” “Puns”.

So this month’s challenge rule is — you need to create a NEW layout with WORDPLAY / PUN Title. For example,

  • CATITUDE (attitude) for Cat theme layout
  • BERRY HAPPY (very happy) for Strawberry-Hunting layout
  • SNOW MUCH FUN (so much fun) for Winter layout

etc… Give it a smiley title! Googling with the layout theme and “puns” will find hints.

And the prize is… Anyone who exclusively uses products by AKIZO DESIGNS will be entered to receive $5 to spend in my shop. Additionally, Anyone who completes ALL 6 of the challenges at TDP this month will receive 50% OFF one entire purchase any time during the following month.

I’m looking forward to seeing your Pun-Tastic Layouts 🙂

今月TDPのフォーラムにて、PUN-TASTIC CHALLENGE を開催しています。

なにかと心配事の多い昨今ですが、個人的には優しさやユーモアを忘れずいつも笑顔でいたいものです。笑顔は周りを幸せにします 🙂 そこで今月のチャレンジは「言葉遊び」「ダジャレ(Pun)」でみなさんに笑顔になって頂こうと思います。

チャレンジのお題は、新しくレイアウトを作り、言葉遊びのタイトル を付けることです。例えば、

  • 猫ちゃんレイアウトに CATITUDE (attitude)
  • 苺狩りのレイアウトに BERRY HAPPY (very happy)
  • 冬のレイアウトに SNOW MUCH FUN (so much fun)


プライズは… AKIZO DESIGNS のプロダクトのみ使って参加してくださった場合、$5 クーポンが当たる抽選にエントリー。更に、TDPでは今月6種類のチャレンジを開催していますが、そのすべてに参加すると、翌月1度だけ使える 50% OFF クーポンが必ず貰えます。

Pun-Tasticなレイアウトをお待ちしております 🙂


You can see more samples at Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Please upload your layouts also!


Thank you for reading and have a happy scrapping!

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