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Pennysaver February 2023 | Akizo Designs | The Digital Press | Digital Scrapbooking

Hi there! Almost February and it’s our most exciting month because… in The Digital Press, we are having a Pennysaver sale! All sale items are just $1.00 during February.
Today, I have added my brand-new Titled 35 | Templates, and oldie Titled 19 | Templates in the $1.00 sale category. Don’t forget to check back every Tuesday and Friday for new sale items 🙂

The Digital Pressでは、1か月間、$1.00セールを開催しています。セレクトアイテムが全部1ドルです!
今日は、新商品の Titled 35 | Templates と、以前発売した Titled 19 | Templates をセールコーナーに加えました。毎週火曜と金曜にアイテムが追加されるので忘れずにチェックしてくださいね 🙂

Titled 35 | Templates – New

Titled 35 | Templates by Akizo Designs | Digital Scrapbooking | New Year

“Titled Templates” are an ultra-time-saving template series with pre-titled.
The newly released Titled 35 | Templates contains 3 designs that are perfect for the New Year layouts.
The template with the large numbers on the upper left can be used forever if combined with the previously released Titled 19 | Templates. How would you like to be on the cover of your annual album?

“Titled テンプレート” は、予めタイトルが付いている超時短テンプレシリーズです。
新発売の Titled 35 | Templates は、年始レイアウトにぴったりのデザインが3枚入っています。
左上の大きな数字のデザインのテンプレは、以前発売した Titled 19 | Templates と合わせれば全部の数字が揃い万年使えることになります。毎年のアルバムの表紙にいかがでしょうか?

Titled 19 | Templates

Titled 19 | Templates by Akizo Designs | Digital Scrapbooking | New Year

Titled 19 | Templates is a sister product of the newly released Titled 35 | Templates. Buy it together and enjoy making New Year pages 🙂

Titled 19 | Templates は、今日新発売の Titled 35 | Templates とお揃いです。ごいっしょにぜひどうぞ 🙂

Inspirations – Titled 35 | Templates

Inspirations – Titled 19 | Templates

Special Offer!

Be Happy And Smile | Collection by Akizo Designs | Digital Scrapbooking

Matching product Be Happy And Smile | Collection is currently 75% OFF! This is more profitable than buying separately… don’t miss the chance!

インスピレーション レイアウトに使った Be Happy And Smile | Collection は、現在 75% OFFとなっております。バラバラで購入するよりまとめ買いがお得です!

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Thank you for reading and have a happy scrapping!

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