Freebie フリー素材 “Template – Triangle Addict 1”

Triangle Addict 1

I made a template for Triangle lovers LOL! Feel free to use for your back ground, mix and match other template or something creative. I was inspired by the quilt images. They looks amazing!


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Sample Layout 1 credits
Sample Layout 2 credits

Triangle Addict 1 Sample 1

Triangle Addict 1 Sample 2

[12inch / PSD, TIFF and PNG format]
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Have a happy scrappin!
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  1. Really love your work! & freebies but when I clicked the download link warning appears that says “The site ahead contains harmful programs”. However, I ignored the message and proceed to download but download freezes at the beginning, like only finished 0.3%.

    Anyway, thanks for your generosity for these awesome freebies!

    1. Hi sunfri, thank you for your comment.
      I have checked out the URL and freebie and no problem.
      Please try to use another browser (Firefox etc.) when you download 🙂

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